Boost your growth with impact

Use ImpactCall to empower your sales and marketing teams. Emphasize impact in your relationship management for better results.

Focus on impact, not dollars.

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Boost your growth with impact Boost your growth with impact
Boost your growth with impact
Is your sales team struggling to stand out?
We can help

Maximize sales results with ImpactCall's automated, cost-effective donation solution


Vetted charities available to allow direct and personal outreach


More cost efficient than traditional sales "gifting"


Higher cold email open rate when offering an impact-focused donation

Crowded Markets Require an Edge

Easily manage your customer engagement with ImpactCall's admin dashboard. Connect with leads, engage customers, and track campaigns all in one place.

Connect with diverse audiences

Personalize your outreach with custom campaigns on ImpactCall. Give donors the flexibility to donate and share your impact with ease!


Gifting the impactful way

24 x 7

Contribute to global & local causes

Target international and diverse audiences

Display corporate impact profile

Support employee resources groups