5 Ways to Reduce Climate Change
5 Ways to Reduce Climate Change

We live in a global community that has put profit over people and is polluting our air, water, and land. Climate change is happening right now and it’s we who are causing it by burning fossil fuels. This is no longer just a theory, it is a reality that we must begin to address or risk losing our chance at survival.  We can stop climate change, we need to implement renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. However, there are some things we all can do and do our share to combat climate change.


Renewable Energy

We can reduce the effects of climate change by switching to renewable energy sources such as wind power or solar power. These sources of renewable energy are abundant and low cost compared to other forms of efforts to reduce climate change such as carbon emissions. Wind power is clean, and is best in the fall and spring. Solar power does not produce air pollutants or greenhouse activity and in the United States, you can even get paid for every kilowatt that is injected back into the grid.


Watch What You Eat

Meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. It takes tremendous energy to produce and transport meat around the world. In addition, raising animals for food requires a significant amount of water and land consumption, decreasing resources for agriculture. This results in those small farmers are often unable to diversify their income sources, compromising their ability to grow food sustainably while staying in business.


Reduce Water Waste

How can you reduce climate change? By taking shorter showers. Shorter showers lead to fewer carbon-dioxide emissions and therefore less warming of the planet. The World Health Organization has identified water as one of the major factors affecting global health. Simply changing your morning shower routine can do wonders to the planet!


Electric Car

Burning fossil fuels like oil and natural gas are leading to rising global temperatures which threaten to make our planet uninhabitable. We can also reduce our impact on climate change by driving less and taking public transit or walking. Also, we can use either fuel-efficient hybrid cars or use electric cars, thereby making a significant impact in reducing climate change.


Change for Change is an organization that rounds up your credit & debit card transactions to reduce climate change, among other causes. Every time you swipe your credit or debit card, Change for Change rounds up the spare change from your purchase and plants trees, in association with the One Tree Planted Foundation.


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