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Make a positive impact in your community and beyond by donating to causes and charities you care about


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Clearly understand what impact your donations have made to society (e.g. planted 5 trees).


Challenge your friends to support the causes you care about.


Publicly showcase your impact to society with your profile.

Donate direct impact, not just dollars

Change for Change is making donating impact-first, by making giving transparent. We pride ourselves in maximizing impact of your donation by surfacing impactful charities and causes.

Give with your community & increase your impact

Create giving groups to make impact with your friends, family & coworkers. Celebrate your birthday and special events by making donations & impact.

Centralize your donation experience

Instead of having siloed relationships with each charity, centralize your donation experience, tax receipts, and impact history

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Frequently Asked

Change for change is a social donation platform making giving fun, accessible, and transparent. You choose how much impact you want to make each month across leading social issues such as climate change, homelessness, and blindness and we’ll handle the rest!

When you sign up, you select your favorite social cause and choose the level of impact you would like to have each month (such as donating 100 trees per month). We will calculate the donation amount needed and collect it every month.

You can sign up for our beta by clicking here.

You can view the causes we support here. If you would like us to support any other cause, please submit it here.

We have chosen the most impactful charities based on CharityNavigator’s Impact score. Charity Navigator is a free 501 organization that ranks charities on their impact and we use their scoring technology so that you can be sure that your donation has the largest impact possible.

We charge a 5% fee to cover our payment processing and technology costs.

You have the option to cover these costs to donate 100% to your chosen cause.

In short, we do not sell your data, or use any of your data for third-party marketing purposes. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

We rely on publicly available information and studies from reputable publications to determine the primary and secondary impact for charities. You can view more here.

If you setup monthly recurring donations, you will be charged once a month starting 30 days after your first donation.

The team is working extremely hard to offer this soon! In the meantime, we would be more than happy to share your donation records at the end of each month when we donate your funds to your chosen charity.

Absolutely! Your impact profile is unique – share with others and encourage them to support causes you care about!

You can view donations made via Change for Change here.

We manage all bank connections securely with Plaid, the industry leader in bank integrations. Whenever you add a bank account with Change for Change, Plaid facilitates the connection through its secure servers. This is the same banking integration used by hundreds of financial services including Venmo and American Express.

Through our Plaid & Stripe integration, we create a secure connection to your financial institution solely for donation purposes. We cannot see your private financial institution details nor do we store any of this information.


Please reach out to us at if you need assistance with your account.